Scalp Micropigmentation

How Scalp Micropigmentation stacks up against other hair loss solutions:



Restore your receded hairline and
give a smart framing to your face.

Pattern Baldness

Strengthen and add density to thinning areas
for the appearance of thick, strong hair.

Scar Camouflage

Conceal the visibility of your scar with small,
color matched hair follicle deposits.


Restore your receded hairline and give a smart framing to your face. With scalp micropigmentation you are able to fully customize the hairline style that fits you! Choose the look you want. Several options include:

  Crisp, Clean Cut

   Youthful, Natural

   Slightly Receded



Pattern Baldness

Whether you’ve just started thinning or have already lost most of your hair, Scalp micropigmentation will work for you!

Scalp micropigmentation is the ideal solution for those that suffer from pattern baldness and have lost a lot of hair. By creating the follicle look throughout all of the balding areas, a client can achieve the look of a full head of short-cropped hair immediately!

The treatment is also great for those with only minor thinning or recession. By accurately replicating your own natural hair follicles and hair color, scalp pigmentation can help strengthen and add density to thinning areas, creating an undetectable illusion of thicker, stronger hair.

Scar Camouflage

If you’ve had a hair transplant and are unhappy with the visibility of your surgical scar, scalp micropigmentation can help conceal it.

A large percentage of scalp micropigmentation clients seek the treatment to help camouflage strip and FUE/FUT scarring associated with prior hair transplants. Many times these types of scars can be very visible and limit hairstyle options for the individual.