Semi-permanent make up

Semi Permanent Make Up is of particular benefit to:

Lip Liner

At BNL Semi-Permanent Makeup offers permanent lip liner application to help balance out your lips. Lip liner can correct asymmetry and will add definition and fullness to your lips, giving them a natural, plump, and youthful appearance. At our makeup clinic, we prioritize our clients’ needs and will work with you to create a new look that’s gorgeous, youthful, and uniquely you! For more information about our lip liner services or any of the other permanent makeup we supply, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Eyebrows & Eyeliner

Eyebrows frame your eyes and face and, when proportioned properly, they can help create a more youthful appearance. Bnl offers eyebrow tattooing and permanent eyebrows, as well as feathered eyebrows which can create a softer look than traditional shaping. We also offer semi-permanent eyeliner for our clients. A soft line can be created to add depth and definition to your eyes, or a thicker, dramatic line can be created for a trendier look. For more information about how our semi-permanent makeup can help your eyes pop, contact Tin Oh Semi-Permanent Makeup today.